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  1. Story of Jeff Juan 

    Juan the badass

    In small poor house in Cuidilero when you can smell the fish and hear the voice of the seagulls and the fish men getting ready for the sail.

    Life is full of surprise and test we humans always battling for finding ourselves it is only matter of time when things change and you find your path to become like Juan the brave boy that we know.

    Juan raised in a poor family a single mom with 3 kids Juan was the oldest the responsible kid with twin brothers Jose and Maryano the story of his dad is still unknown to poor Juan whenever he asked about his father he could see the fear in his mother’s eyes.

    His mother used to work in a restaurant cleaning and doing the dishes she could barely feed the kids and pay the rent people were rude to his mother Juan couldn’t understand at the time how hard is life for a single beautiful woman life wasn’t kind with them until Juan left the school at 11 so he could help his mother.

    He was working on a ship each morning waking up before sunrise and assisting other men on the ship each morning the crew was getting ready to sail and catch fish he was doing multiple works besides cleaning and cargo shipping depending on crew needs.

    And because he was the youngest in the crew life was hard for a little boy to manage and deal with men so he was struggling and he got bulled they were making fun he knew that if he didn’t accept that he could lost his job that is why he was giving them what they want and always tried to make him laugh on him so they used to call him the Juan the small clown.

    Juan the small clown lasted for 4 years each day life was getting harder and Juan had more stressed and pressure in one hand the work environment in other hand his moms illness.

    It was all in that day when Juan asked the captain for extra money for his extra works that he did for last Months

    Juan: sir, I did all the things you asked me to do and I want the pay for these days I worked on ship.

    The captain laughed at him

    Captain: you little clown you have to be thankful to let your small ass dancing on my ship who want a clown like you?

    He missed with his hair forcing his head to bow he got angry

    Juan: but sir I did all the works from cleaning to repairing, shipping it is not fair! (and I was a dancing nude monkey on the ship and you saw my little black ass bro! give me the god damn money joseph) for fun

    He pulled his hair and slapped him on the face it was so painful and hard 

    Captain: get back to your work bastard!!!

    He moved fast and tried to not let other workers see his red face he hide it with his brown hair one of the member crew saw him he make fun of him the ship was about to sail he jumped on the water and get back to the village angrily disparately holding his tears and anger and cursing the life and people and his bad luck he wanted to get to his mother and hug her to make the pain go away all that didn’t destroy little Juan what killed him is his mother’s death when he got home his house was empty and cold as his mother’s hand the owner was shouting outside for the rent and the two brothers were screaming in tears these pictures will always will live in his head the smell the coldness the sadness and helpless that day was his birthday but what a sad memory for little Juan.

    He took was in shock things happened so fast the years passed by he was in the orphan having troubles and can’t cope with the other kids on his age his twin brothers where adopted by the rich family while Juan got hard rough face because of work and dirt unlike his brothers where clean and good looking kids.

    years went Juan was always remembering that day and his mother’s hands the nightmare didn’t let him in peace the day he became 18 he left the orphan no money no family just having the dark sick memory with him he was walking it was winter evening when he heard the sound of hard breathing look like a monster or a dog breathing for food he was afraid first then he gets closer to see that man he was injured holding the gun and hugging the bag he was bleeding

    the man saw Juan he got afraid but he also recognized him it is you Juan he said with a rough voice he said his mother name Juan looked at his bag it was full of money

    So he wanted to still the bag and run but the old man grabbed him from his leg

    He fall and he took the gun and shot him in the head it was first kill for Juan

    (Poor bastard juan He was juan the bastard and monkey ass)for fun

    so that what made the juan that you know.

    (c)Adam :) 

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