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  1. Business Name Los Santos Connections

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    What is the IN-CHARACTER rationale behind this business?

    As a newly single woman in the city I can attest to how difficult it can be to meet and make connections with people. I want to have an app made to allow people to organize meetings with others, whether it be group meetings with people who may have similar interests or an intimate meeting where two people can attempt to make a romantic connection.


    Dr. Lydia Zephyr

    What is the OUT-OF-CHARACTER rationale behind this business?

    The out of character rationale for the business would give people in the city who legitimately have no idea how to interact with others to have an easier way to 'break the ice' so to speak. It can also open up role-play opportunities for people to use the phone application for less than legitimate reasons. Whether it be to kidnap people or for others to fool people into sharing information with someone who may not be who they think they are.

    Business description, requirements and expectations

    The business would only require an application that would be readily available on each and every phone in the state. It would need to have the same requirements as twitter where an account can be made with a custom name, password and profile photo. We will also require a way for people to browse other profiles of members of the app to be able to send messages and organize meetups. 

    How will the business be initially funded and how will it continue to fund itself?

    The business would be funded by myself and Mr. Midas Campinetti. 

    Where would the business be located?

    The business would only require a phone application and would not need a property to run the business.

    Describe the steps you will be (and have already been taking) in-character to start the business

    None yet as I would want to make sure something like this would be possible to implement into the server.

    Would your business require any mechanics, or back end code to operate?

    A new application would need to be added onto the phone.

    Is there anything else you would like to share?

    Not at the moment but I am open to discussing anything that may help make this a possibility.

    Is this business sponsored or backed by anyone?

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