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  1. Well hey there, friends. Time to reset things back to the base foundation after the close of season 1 (Poor Benny!). Some roadmap and Q&A will be rolled out shortly. As the new systems for 2.0 come out, we'll also begin stocking the info channels over the next few days. Hopefully you enjoy some of the tweaks and secrets that have been put up in the interim. As always, remember anything about other characters is a two-party consent system. I look forward to seeing you all in the city.

    - Dondi

  2. Statement of Intent

    This is a roleplay server. We are all here to create stories and immersive scenarios that people will enjoy participating in and watching. If you think something is questionable as far as the rules go, just do it and find out later if it's not. If you're able to justify your actions in a logical manner, we'll have a discussion if someone disagrees. Administration is not in place to babysit you and lord over your shoulders over what is acceptable. If you have a disagreement with another player, reach out to an admin and we'll figure it out. If you're doing something that the admin team doesn't like, you won't be shadowbanned or removed by someone who hasn't played the game in four months who suddenly wants to come back and shake things up. You'll get approached and talked to like an adult.

    We provide these rules as guidelines, our most important caveat to all of this is that if you are going out of your way to willfully ruin the stories being told here through your own actions you are solely responsible for the consequences we mete out. As we are fond of saying here, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes”. Ignorance of the rules is also no excuse not to follow them - they are publicly available and the burden is on you to familiarize yourself with them.


    Rules & Guidelines

    The following rules and guidelines are to be followed at all times. Claiming ignorance of these rules isn’t an excuse to not follow them. In the event of a rule or guideline violation, punitive action will be taken. Any rulebreaks witnessed should be submitted to OBRP Staff via Player Report



    • Players must be 18+, no exceptions
    • Firestarting i.e using any medium or any means to generate hate, discontent, or malicious action against another player on the server will not be tolerated.
    • Player harassment will result in your removal from the community. This is including, but not limited to:
      • Sexual harassment, either in server or out.
      • Racism, sexism or targeted hate towards marginalized groups.
      • Excluding players due to discrimination against them or their character(s).
    • In character friendliness/romantic roleplay is not an invitation to harass an individual regarding a potential OOC relationship, and will not be tolerated.
    • Abusive behaviour or spamming towards staff members due to a punishment received will result in your ban being extended, or your complete removal from the community.
    • All issues should be submitted via their respective forms on the forums (player reports, bug reports etc). If it is not documented, it does not exist. 
    • Feedback is highly encouraged. Any issues with factions, staff etc. should be submitted via their respective forms here. “Venting” in a voice channel is NOT feedback. Help us help you.
    • Issues encountered in game should be submitted via bug report, or by requesting an admin in game (/requestadmin [details of issue]). Contacting staff about their capabilities in character will be considered both FailRP and OOC Communications violations.


    Character Creation

    • Characters must be 18+, no exceptions.
    • Characters must have a realistic name. In the event that you break this rule, your character’s name will be changed to “John/Jane Doe” until you pick a different one.
    • Character names should not allude to anything offensive or derogatory towards any individual/group.
    • Pop culture rip-offs will not be tolerated. Taking inspiration from a public figure is fine, direct imitation is not. Show us YOUR creativity.
    • Creating multiple characters related to, allied with, or otherwise possessing knowledge of each other is to be avoided. Knowledge of characters can be gained organically through RP,  but no direct contact between these characters is permitted.

    Voice & Communications

    • All IC communication must be done in-game. The only exception is sending documents/images relevant to the situation involved via Discord DMs, and must be specified as “IC”.
    • You must use push-to-talk when in game.
    • In the event that you are unable to speak (i.e due to disability), please let an admin know so we can cater for you accordingly.
    • All in-game communication must remain in character. OOC bleed, saltiness etc will not be tolerated.


    General Roleplay 

    • Erotic Roleplay is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN and will result in a permanent ban.
    • Powergaming i.e any behaviour outside of your character’s scope to gain an advantage is not tolerated. 
    • Use of game exploits/cheating will result in a permanent ban. This includes crosshairs/aimbot.
    • Real world topics are to be avoided where possible. This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Suicide
      • Politics
      • Headline news
      • Self harm/intent to self harm
      • Pregnancy, miscarriage or abortion.
    • Forcing someone into a situation they are not comfortable with is strictly forbidden. Any attempts to do so will result in immediate punitive action.
    • All players must value their lives. Think before you act. 
    • Any attempt at violence (using guns, vehicles etc.) without proper RP reasoning or initiation is strictly prohibited. Should you wish to inflict life-threatening harm and/or death on another character, you will need to reach out to the Storyteller team to get clearance to do so.
    • Combat logging i.e quitting the game to avoid a situation or in character consequences will not be tolerated whatsoever. 
    • Consent must be given by all involved parties if you wish to continue a relationship from another server.
    • Quality, immersion and substance of roleplay should be maintained at all times. Others breaking rules does not give you a free pass to do the same.
    • If your character is downed/knocked out, you may choose whether your character remembers the events prior or not.
    • While the actions of others may influence your roleplay, your decisions regarding situations are up to you. Be mindful that your actions IC may result in conflict, punitive action (if a rulebreak occurs) etc. 



    FailRP is a violation of our rules on this server. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Not roleplaying injuries correctly/realistically.
    • Returning to active, violent situations after being injured.
    • Breaking immersion via OOC speech.
    • Referring to anything outside the server from a player standpoint.



    Metagaming is using any information gained via OOC means that your character has not been made privy to in the server. Examples include, but are not limited to:

    • Having an OBRP stream open while playing in the OBRP server
    • Using information gained via OOC communications in Discord
    • Passing information/knowledge between multiple characters you play.


    OOC Communications & Bleed

    You are to act within the confines of your character at all times including the limitation of OOC speech at all times. Examples of OOC communication violations/OOC bleed include, but are not limited to:

    • Referring to technical issues incorrectly (common terms can be found in the glossary)
    • Referring to  your actions in another server, experiences as a player etc.
    • Raging/creating a hostile environment due to a situation or individual affecting you on an OOC level.
  3. FAQ

    How do I apply to OBRP?
    Join our Discord here and follow the instructions in the #whitelist-guide channel.

    How long does whitelisting take?
    Usually about 24 hours

    What is the minimum age to apply to OBRP?
    You must be 18+, no exceptions. Please note that this also means you are required to act maturely both in and out of character.

    How do I join the OBRP game server?
    Launch the game from this webpage.

    Do I need to pay or donate to play on OBRP?

    My game won’t open. What do I do?

    • Make sure Steam is running (even if you own GTA V on another client, Steam needs to be running, in order to authenticate your hex ID).
    • Launch OBRP directly from FiveM
    • For the “This application should be launched directly from the shell or a web browser” error, close FiveM and relaunch OBRP from the web launcher. 


    How do I report an issue in OBRP?
    There are a number of avenues you can take, depending on the issue at hand:

    • For rulebreaks, file a player report.
    • For bugs encountered in game, file a bug report.
    • For general questions, post your issue in the #general-support channel in Discord.
    • For admin assistance while in-game, use /requestadmin and describe your issue.


    How do I apply for jobs?
    For faction jobs, application forms are located on the forums. 

    For civilian jobs, such as car dealers or food establishments, check the #community-job-board channel in Discord. You can also ask around IC for a potential interview or someone to get in contact with regarding a job.



    Resources and Documents

    The following is a list of documents, resources and PSAs presented to the players of Our Benefactors. Please utilize these as you see fit, as they are beneficial both within the city and out. 




    Law Enforcement:


  4. Glossary 

    Out of Game

    In Character (IC): Any situations or actions taking place in the game server.
    Out of Character (OOC): Any situations or actions taking place outside the game server.
    Metagaming: Using any out of character (OOC) knowledge/information that your character does not know in character (IC).
    Powergaming: Forcing/gaining an unrealistic, unfair, and impossible action over another player without giving them an opportunity to interact, defend, or escape the situation.
    FailRP: Any unrealistic actions or responses. This also includes arguing a point due to how game mechanics are set up.
    Permadeath: The conclusive ending to a character’s life.
    Combat Logging: Logging out of the game in the middle of an active scenario, to avoid in game punishment, consequences etc.
    Random Deathmatch (RDM): Engaging in violent conduct (usually using weapons) without any IC initiation or reasoning.
    Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM): Using your vehicle as a weapon without any IC initiation or reasoning.


    In Game

    Storm/Tsunami: Server restart
    In My Head: Player needs to deal with an OOC issue.
    Headache: Connectivity issues.
    Pockets: Character inventory.
    Nap: Player going AFK or logging off.
    Scuff: Vehicle, character or other game model not functioning correctly.
    My Eyes: Visual connectivity issues i.e desync, rubberbanding etc.
    Voicebox: Microphone or push-to-talk issues.



    The following are a few 'important' keybindings that you may find need of in your adventures within the city and while interacting with its population. Many of these can be changed locally and are the 'Default' keystrokes for various actions.

    Movement and Actions:

    WASD - Forward, turn left, backpedal, turn right.

    Shift - Hold to Sprint

    Spacebar - Vault or Climb

    Ctrl - Toggle to Crouch

    B - Toggle to Point

    E - Interact

    Q - Move into cover

    X - Cancel emote

    Driving/Car Control:

    L - Lock/unlock the car

    M - Opens the car menu

    F3 - Access your trunk (Outside of vehicle.)

    X - Toggles Cruise Control

    H - Toggle: raises or lowers headlights and high beams

    H (held) - Detaches trailers from trucks

    B - Toggle seatbelt

    Switching seats while in the car:
    /st -1 - Driver

    /st -2 - Passenger

    /st 1 - Rear left

    /st 2 - Rear right 


    Game Functionality:

    Esc/P - Access the city map, Exit, and Settings menus

    Caps Lock - Default push-to-talk

    G - Set voice volume range (Whisper, Normal, Shouting (Near, Medium, Far))

    F1 (or F8 openphone) - Opens/closes phone  

    F2 (or /Inv) - Opens Inventory, Glovebox of vehicle, as well as pick up items that have been dropped on the ground

    F5 - Opens Job Menu

    F7 (or /showbills) - Opens Invoices

    F11 - Toggles HUD

    Backspace - Exits open menus

    V - Changes your camera view

    C - Hold to look over your shoulder

    U - Toggles the nearby IDs of players


    Chat Functionality:

    T - Open Chat window

    Up arrow - Displays the last command or input you made

    /me - Sets a visual status that other players can see on you

    /emotemenu - Allows you to set your emotes, walking style, and mood

    /emotebind num(4-9) - Binds the specific key to perform a specific emote. Example: binding "/emotebind num5 wave" will make your character wave when the button is pressed

    /scene [minutes] [text] - Sets up an RP scenario in an area that can be read by pressing E (Only Admins can delete 

    /nearby [emote name] - Perform a shared emote.

    /e [emote name] - Alternative method of emoting

    /e c - Cancels the current emote

    /steal - Steal from the targeted person (only functional if your target has their hands raised)

    /911 [message] - Call Emergency services

    /311 [message] - Call Non-emergency services

    /atm - Access the ATM

    /gps - Toggle street name position

    /vehicletransfer [playerID] [plate] - transfer ownership of a vehicle

    /sit - Sit in/Stand up from a chair. Lay on/Get off of a hospital bed.

    /hat - Put on/Take off your hat

    /mask - Put on/Take off your mask

    /glasses - Put on/Take off your glasses

    /ears - Put on/Take off your ear piece

    /requestadmin [message] - Pings an admin for assistance in-game