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  1. Terms Below are a few commonly used terms and their popular definitions. It's important to note that interpretation of these rules may vary from person-to-person. If you're ever in doubt of them or the standing in the community, please ask. They're divided into two sections 'Out of game' and 'In game'. The latter being the code-talking for exterior effects on the gameworld itself. Out of game Metagaming: This is the use of out-of-character (OOC) knowledge or information that a character would not know in-character (IC). This includes video streaming services, out-of-charact
  2. Statement of Intent: This is a roleplay server. We are all here to create stories and immersive scenarios that people will enjoy participating in and watching. If you think something is questionable as far as the rules go, just do it and find out later if it's not. If you're able to justify your actions in a logical manner, we'll have a discussion if someone disagrees. Administration is not in place to babysit you and lord over your shoulders over what is acceptable. If you have a disagreement with another player, reach out to an admin and we'll figure it out. If you're doing something that th
  3. We are switching to a ticket-based whitelisting process starting on the 18th of January, 3 PM EST. With this process, you will not need to fill out an application, you will only need to attempt to join the server(with steam open) at You will be given a ticket number and then it will be up to the support team to get you set up from there. A full guide can be found in the #whitelist-guide text channel on our discord.
  4. Callisto What are the director’s thoughts on the current state of the server and the community? What are you content with, what do you want to see more of, and what are the plans for the future? Dondi: For the most part, the opinion of the state of the server, I normally stay out of it. I keep my staff on top of things, and I kind of go off into my own little corner in my own little chair, and be whatever it is I need to be for out of boundaries roleplay. What that means is unfortunately, as the owner, I have a very, very warped perspective of the server. I can’t give you all an accurat
  5. After weeks of speculation and many hours of testing and development we're pleased to announce the push to version 1.1 of the server. With this new version we have performed a full wipe of the database, rebuilt from the ground up. What does this mean for you, very little should change beyond you'll have to get re-situated. We aren't doing a lore wipe, or any kind of interaction wipe so the relationships you've made with your characters will remain intact. In our previous announcement, we stated that your characters made during the stress test would move with you. However, some of the bugs