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  5. My ladies 😍

    Katya new.jpeg

    Lydia new.jpeg


    My characters rn xD im so excited to play, that im having dreams XD

  7. I loved getting WL but cant actually SEE the message that was left for us cause i dont have permission to view LOL

  8. Want to know WHO i play? - drop by sometime 😉 i play good & bad ladies

  9. *steals yer whitelisted title*

    1. Synthari
    2. Creature Collector

      Creature Collector

      sorry xD im just tired of waaaaaiting you can have it back

  10. I just wanna play wif yooooou

    1. Synthari


      Never give up! Never Surrender! You can do it!

  11. I wish my 25yrs of exp in RP in general had some weight.

    1. Creature Collector

      Creature Collector

      Calypso Haze, itchin to stretch her wings & fly

  12. Girl just wants to have fuuuuun

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