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    My characters rn xD im so excited to play, that im having dreams XD

  6. I loved getting WL but cant actually SEE the message that was left for us cause i dont have permission to view LOL

  7. Want to know WHO i play? - drop by sometime 😉 i play good & bad ladies

  8. *steals yer whitelisted title*

    1. Synthari
    2. Creature Collector

      Creature Collector

      sorry xD im just tired of waaaaaiting you can have it back

  9. I just wanna play wif yooooou

    1. Synthari


      Never give up! Never Surrender! You can do it!

  10. I wish my 25yrs of exp in RP in general had some weight.

    1. Creature Collector

      Creature Collector

      Calypso Haze, itchin to stretch her wings & fly

  11. Girl just wants to have fuuuuun

  12. They say the 3rd times the charm... heres hoping for WL<3

    1. Synthari


      Good Luck! 🤞

    2. Creature Collector
  13. t3r0

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    Currently using TokoVoip 1.2.5 To install: Download the attached plugin Close TeamSpeak entirely Double click the plugin, then select "Install" Start TeamSpeak and join the Joining Game channel. TeamSpeak Server: Once you are in game, if you have not already, you'll need to turn off your in game voice using the GTA menu. Frequently Known Issues: The plugin install fails and asks you to retry as Administrator. This is because TeamSpeak was not closed completely when you tried to install. Check your task panel, close TS entirely, and retry your install. TeamSpeak crashes every time you enter the server. You likely have the wrong version of TokoVoip installed. It must be the version listed above to work. The TokoVoip black screen is visible when you log into the server through the launcher. Teamspeak must be running and you must connect to the teamspeak server.
  14. t3r0

    Game Launcher

    Version 2.0.0


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